What's Inside my Sticker Pack?

Totally awesome sticker packs for kids and pro-crafters!

We've created two clubs to satisfy everyone's sticker needs!  The Kiddie Club is perfect for all the little loves in your life.  Kid sticker packs come with loads of awesome stickers and cool craft paper to keep those stickers in check! The Crafty Club is perfect for the adult sticker lover who sends snail mail, decorates gifts, notes, planner pages, or has a predisposed affinity to these fantastic little smile-makers.  All sticker packs come with a monthly newsletter containing info on contests and giveaways and the latest news on our sticker brigade!  Isn't it time you treated yourself to some happy mail?!


Sticker subscriptions are quite possibly, The. Perfect. Gift.

Not only is the receiver reminded of the sender month after month, all you have to do is click a few buttons and your gift giving is done!  Sticker subscriptions are a unique and fun gift that people of all ages will love!  Perfect for your best friend, kid, grandkid, teacher, sister, brother, mom, aunt, or even a grandma!


Need more reasons to sign up?

Here are the five top reasons we LOVE sticker subscriptions.

1. Stickers promote dexterity, creativity, and independent play in your little ones.  This gives mom or dad a chance to have a moment to themselves :)

2.  Stickers are great to take to restaurants to pass time while waiting for food. They're also amazing to have on long car or plane rides.

3.  Stickers are great for helping young hands with coordination.  Stickers are also a great alternative to screen time :)

4.  Sticker subscriptions give the receiver the thrill and anticipation of getting fun mail!  It's also a way to get a cool mix of stickers from around the world you wouldn't find in your local craft store :) 

5.  Stickers are guaranteed to make you SMILE.