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The planet's best stickers. In your mailbox. Once a month.

Sticker lovers, unite!  For just $8.95 a month, you can give yourself or someone you love, the pure joy of a sticker subscription.  Join today to get in on the fastest growing sticker club on earth and be part of our happy mail revolution!


Do you remember the days of sticker books and stores with walls of sticker rolls? Do you remember how many different stickers you could get for a buck back then?  MAN, we miss the 80's sometimes! The craft stores nowadays just don't seem to cut it.  Why do you always have to buy packs with the same sticker inside!?

We're here to tell you that there are tons of cool stickers out there and we have a super fun way to bring them to you. A good old fashioned Sticker Club! The thrill of the 80s sticker mix is back:)  And good news - you don't have to fight your kids for them....we have subscriptions for grown-ups too! Our sticker experts scour the globe finding the coolest, most unique sticker treasures on earth.

We put together collections using only the highest quality stickers and deliver them to your doorstep, once a month. Stickermom packs promise pure, unbridled joy from the moment you subscribe! Follow us on Instagram for sneak peaks, sticker projects, vintage sticker flashbacks, coloring contests, and the latest news on promos and events!  Share the sticker love:)

We love stickers, yes we do! We love stickers, how 'bout you?

Stickers promote dexterity, concentration, and creativity to rapidly developing little brains (and slowing down, older ones too!) They facilitate independent play in your child giving YOU a chance to drink a cup of coffee, or answer that email you've been meaning to send.  Stickermom grown-up packs promise mega inspiration to the adult crafter and guarantees to delight in the exact same way stickers made you feel when you were a kid.  (We guarantee it!) Stickers are undeniable little smile-makers with unique, youthful powers!

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How often will I get my stickers?

On the tenth of every month, we'll send you a cool little envelope packed to the brim with the planet's best stickers!  All packs are shipped via USPS First Class mail and take between 4 and 6 business days to arrive domestically and about 10 business days, internationally.   

Do I get to pick my stickers?

We leave that up to our expert curators :)  We promise the best mix of stickers on the planet!  We source worldwide!  Follow us on Instagram for sneak peaks and spoiler alerts for the upcoming month's sticker packs!

What's in these Sticker Packs?

Kids Sticker Packs are a mix of all genres of stickers - prismatic, puffy, scratch n sniff, kawaii, crafting stickers, sticker scenes, and all sorts of other sticker treasures!  Adult packs are a mix of hip planner stickers, crafting stickers, kawaii, seasonal, inspirational, fun or unique sticker sheets from all over the world. We love including name-brand companies like Mrs. Grossman's and will often include independent designers too!   Sticker packs are offered in two sizes for either kids or grown-ups.  Follow us on Instagram for sticker projects, coloring contests and other promotional events!